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Portaliou, A.G., Tsolis, K., Loos, M., Zorzini, V. and Economou, A. (2015)
Type III Secretion System: building and operating a remarkable nanomachine.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences pii: S0968-0004(15)00182-6. doi: 10.1016/j.tibs.2015.09.005

Papanastasiou, M., Orfanoudaki, G., Kountourakis, N., Koukaki, M., Sardis, M.F., Aivaliotis, M., Tsolis, K.C., Karamanou, S. and Economou, A. (2015)
Rapid label-free quantitative analysis of the E. coli BL21(DE3) inner membrane proteome. 
Proteomics (in press)

De Waelheyns, E., Segers, K., Sardis, M.F., Anné, J., Nicolaes, G.A.F., and Economou, A. (2015)
Identification of small-molecule inhibitors against SecA by structure-based virtual ligand screening.
Journal of Antibiotics 68, 666–673

Rao, S., Herdewijn, P. and Economou, A. (2015)
"Antibiotics", in "Textbook of Drug Design and Discovery"
(5th Edition) Editors, U. Madsen, P. Krogsgaard-Larsen and K. Strømgaard
(in press)

Tsolis, K., Bei, E., Papathanasiou, I., Kostopoulou, F., Gkretsi, V., Kalantzaki, K., Malizos, K., Zervakis, M., Tsezou, A., and Economou, A. (2015)
Comparative proteomic analysis of hypertrophic chondrocytes in osteoarthritis.
Clinical Proteomics, 12:12

Rückert, C., Albersmeier, A., Busche, T., Jaenicke, S., Winkler, A., Friðjónsson, ÓH., Hreggviðsson, GÓ., Lambert, C., Badcock, D., Bernaerts, K., Anne, J., Economou, A., Kalinowski, J. (2015)
Complete genome sequence of Streptomyces lividans TK24.
J Biotechnol. PMID:25680930

Orfanoudaki, G. and Economou, A. (2014)
Proteome-wide Sub-cellular Topologies of E.coli polypeptides database (STEPdb).
Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 13, 3674-3687

Saio, T., Guan, X., Rossi, P., Economou, A., Kalodimos, CG. (2014)
Structural basis for protein anti-aggregation activity of the trigger factor chaperone.
Science 344, 1250494
Comment by Gamerdinger & Deuerling [PDF] [Supplement]

Rao, S.C.V., De Waelheyns, E., Economou, A. and Anné, J. (2014)
Antibiotic targeting of the bacterial secretory pathway.
BBA Mol Cell Research 1843, 1762-1783

Chatzi, K.E., Sardis, M.F., Economou, A. and Karamanou, S. (2014)
SecA-mediated targeting and translocation of secretory proteins.
BBA Mol Cell Research 1843, 1466-1474

Gouridis, G., Karamanou, S., Sardis, M.-F., Schärer, M.A., Capitani, G. and Economou, A. (2013)
Quaternary dynamics of the SecA motor drive translocase catalysis.
Molecular Cell 52, 655-666
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Chen, L., Ai, X., Portaliou, A., Economou, A. and Kalodimos, C.G. (2013)
Substrate-induced structural transition on chaperones encodes targeting signal in type III secretion.
Cell Reports 3, 709-715
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Papanastasiou, M., Orfanoudaki, G., Koukaki, M., Kountourakis, N., Sardis, M.F., Aivaliotis, M., Karamanou, S. and Economou, A. (2012)
The Escherichia coli Peripheral Inner Membrane Proteome.
Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 12, 599-610
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Chatzi, K. E., Sardis, M. F., Karamanou, S. and Economou, A. (2012)
Breaking on through to the other side: protein export through the bacterial Sec system.
Biochemical Journal 449, 25–37
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Chen, L., Balabanidou, V., Remeta, D.P. Minetti, C.A.S.A., Portaliou, A.G., Economou, A. and Kalodimos, C.G. (2011)
Structural instability tuning as a regulatory mechanism in protein-protein interactions.
Molecular Cell 44, 734-744
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Strohoffer, C., Förster, T., Chorvat, D., Kasak, P., Lacik, I., Koukaki, M., Karamanou, S., Economou, A. (2011)
Quantitative analysis of energy transfer between fluorescent proteins in a CFP-GBP-YFP construct and its response to Ca 2+.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 17852-63
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Segers, K., Klaassen, H., Economou, A., Chaltin, P. and Anne, J. (2011)
Discovery of small-molecule SecA inhibitors via high-throughput screening.
Analytical Biochemistry 413, 90-96
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Kapellios, E. A., Karamanou, S., Sardis, M. F., Aivaliotis, M., Economou, A. and Pergantis, S. A. (2011)
Using Nanoelectrospray Ion Mobility Spectrometry (GEMMA) to Determine the Size and Relative Molecular Mass of Proteins and Protein Assemblies:
A Comparison with MALLS and QELS.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 399, 2421-33
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Sardis, M.F. and Economou, A. (2010)
SecA: a tale of two protomers.
Molecular Microbiology 76, 1070-1081
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Gouridis G, Karamanou S, Koukaki M, Economou A. (2010)
In vitro assays to analyze translocation of the model secretory preprotein alkaline phosphatase.
Methods Mol Biol. 619, 157-172

Protein Secretion

Series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Economou, Anastassios (Ed.)
2009,300 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60327-167-7

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Gouridis,G., Karamanou, S., Koukaki, M. and Economou, A. (2009)

Characterization of a secretory substrate for in vivo and in vitro studies.

in Protein Secretion, Methods in Molecular Biology (Humana Press).


Understanding our Microbial Planet,
Metagenomics initiative, US National Academy of Sciences

Greek translation (2008)

Scientific editor: A. Economou

Crete University Press


Gouridis, G., Karamanou, S., Gelis, I., Kalodimos, C.G. and Economou, A (2009)

Signal peptides are allosteric activators of the protein translocase.

Nature 462, 363-36

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Kapellios, E.A., Karamanou, S., Sardis, M-F., Aivaliotis, M., Pergantis, S.P. and Economou, A (2009)

Nanoelectrospray Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Protein Sizing and Molecular Mass
Determination: Method Development and Validation.

18th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Bremen 2009

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Economou, A. (2008)

Structural biology: Clamour for a kiss.

Nature 455, 879-880

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Karamanou, S., Bariami, V., Papanikou, E., Kalodimos, C. and Economou, A. (2008)

Assembly of the translocase motor onto the preprotein-conducting channel.

Molecular Microbiology 70, 311-322

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Gelis, I., Bonvin, A.M.J.J., Keramisanou , D.,Koukaki, M., Gouridis, G., Karamanou, S., Economou , A.
and Kalodimos , C.G. (2007)

Structural Basis for Signal-Sequence Recognition by the Translocase Motor SecA as Determined by NMR..

Cell 131, 756-769.

[Abstract] [PDF]            pdb file: [SecA+signal peptide (2VDA)]

See comment from Ian Collinson, Faculty of 1000

See presentation by Thireos et al., 2008

Papanikou, E., Karamanou,S. and Economou, A. (2007)

Bacterial protein secretion through the translocase nanomachine.

Nature Reviews in Microbiology 5, 839-851.

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Schenkman,L, Koukaki, M., Karamanou, S. and Economou, A. (2007)

The P. CƒZANNE Project: Innovative approaches to continuous glucose monitoring.

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 1, 6060-6063

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Karamanou, S., Gouridis, G., Papanikou, E., Sianidis, G., Gelis, I., Keramisanou, D., Vrontou, E.,
Kalodimos , C.G. and   and Economou, A. (2007)

Preprotein-controlled catalysis in the helicase motor of SecA.

EMBO Journal 26, 2904-2911

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See comment from Ian Collinson, Faculty of 1000; see article in LabTimes

Brock Biology of Microorganisms-Greek Translation Vol. II (2007)

Madigan, M., Martinko, J. and Parker, J.

Scientific editor/Translation team co-ordinator: A.Economou

Translation team: Georgakopoulos D., Hatzidakis, Y. Kokkorogiannis, T., Friliggos, S.,Chatziloukas, S.

Crete University Press.



Papanikolau, Y., Papadovassilaki, M., Raveli, R., Cusack, S., Economou, A. and Petratos, K. (2006)

Crystal structure of dimeric SecA of E.coli, the preprotein translocase motor.

Journal of Molecular Biology 366, 1545-1557

[Abstract] [PDF]             pdb files: [SecA] [SecA:ADP] [SecA:ATP] [SecA:AMP-PNP]

                                     pdb files with modelled Preprotein Binding Domain: [SecA] [SecA:ADP]
                                    [SecA:ATP] [SecA:AMP-PNP]


Economou, A., Christie, P.J., Fernandez, R.C., Palmer, T., Plano, G.V. and Pugsley, A.P. (2006)

Secretion by numbers: proteintraffic in prokaryotes.

Molecular Microbiology 62, 308-319.

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Keramisanou , D., Biris, N., Gelis, I., Sianidis, G., Karamanou, S., Economou , A. and Kalodimos , C.G.

Disorder-order folding transitions underlie catalysis in the helicase motor of SecA.

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 13, 594-602.

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NSMB article of the month.

See also related News &Views Minireview by: Cavanaugh et al., NSMB 2006 13:566-569

Mueller, S., Pozidis, C., Stone, R., Meesters, C., Engel, A., Economou, A. and Stahlberg, H. (2006)

The Type III Protein Translocase ATPase HrcN assembles in a double-hexameric ring.

Molecular Microbiology 61, 119-125.

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Sianidis, G., Wohlert, S.-E., Pozidis, C., Karamanou, S., Luzhetskyy, A., Vente, A. and Eonomou, A .

Cloning, purification and characterization of a functional anthracyclin gycosyltranseferase.

Journal of Biotechnology 125, 425-433.

[Abstract] [PDF]

Sianidis, G., Pozidis, C., Becker, B., Vrancken, K., Sjoeholm, C., Karamanou, S., Takamiya-Wik, M.,
van Mellaert, L., Shaefer, T., AnnŽ, J. and Economou, A. (2006)

Functional large-scale production of a novel Jonesia sp. xyloglucanase by heterologous secretion
from Streptomyces lividans.

Journal of Biotechnology 121, 429-570.

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Papanikou, E., Baud, C., Karamanou, S., Frank, M., Sianidis, G., Keramissanou, D., Kalodimos, C.G.,
Kuhn, A. and Economou, A. (2005)
Identification of the preprotein binding domain of SecA.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280, 43209-43217.

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Brock Biology of Microorganisms-Greek Translation Vol. I (2005)

Madigan, M., Martinko, J. and Parker, J.

Scientific editor/Translation team co-ordinator: A.Economou

Translation team: Georgakopoulos D., Diallinas, G., Zacharioudakis, G., Karagouni-Kyrtsou, A., Kokkorogiannis, T., Friliggos, S.,Chatziloukas, S. and Christias, C.

Crete University Press.



Karamanou, S., Sianidis, G., Guridis, G., Pozidis, C., Papanikolau, Y., Papanikou, E. and Economou, A.

E.coli SecA truncated at its termini is functional and dimeric

FEBS Letters 579, 1267-1271.

[Abstract] [PDF]

Baud, C., Papanikou, E., Karamanou, S., Sianidis, G., Kuhn, A. and Economou, A. (2005)

Purification of a functional mature region from a SecA-dependent preprotein.

Protein Expression & Purification 40, 336-339.

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Papanikou, E., Karamanou, S., Baud, C., Sianidis, G., Frank, M. and Economou, A. (2004)

Helicase Motif III in SecA is essential for coupling preprotein binding to translocation ATPase.

EMBO Reports 5, 807-811.

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Vrontou, E., Karamanou, S., Baud, C., Sianidis, G. and Economou, A. (2004)

Global co-ordination of protein translocation by the SecA IRA1 switch.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 279, 22490-22497.

[Abstract] [PDF]

Vrontou, E. and Economou, A. (2004)

Structure and function of SecA, the preprotein translocase nanomotor

Biochemical and Biohysical Acta Molecular Cell Reasearch 1694(1-3), 67-80.

Special Issue on "Bacterial Protein Secretion", R.Dalbey and A.Economou (Guest Editors).

[Abstract] [PDF]

Pozidis, C., Chalkiadaki, A., Gomez-Serrano, A., Stahlberg, H., Brown, I., Tabakaki, N., Lustig. A.,
Sianidis, G., Politou, S.A.,Engel, A., Panopoulos, N.J., Mansfield, J., Pugsley, T., Karamanou, S.
and Economou, A. (2003)
Type III protein translocase: HrcN is a peripheral membrane ATPase that is activated by oligomerization.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278, 25816-25824.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. (2002)
Bacterial secretome: the assembly manual and operating instructions.
Molecular Membrane Biology 19, 159-169.
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Baud., C., Sianidis, G., Vrontou, E., Politou, A., Karamanou, S. and Economou, A. (2002)
Allosteric communication between signal peptides and the SecA protein DEAD motor ATPase domain.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277, 13724-13731.
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Bernard Dixon (1995) Power unseen: how microbes rule the world.
Translation into Greek: M. Astropekaki. (2002).

Scientific editor: A. Economou.

Crete University Press   (home)


Dempsey, B., Economou, A., Dunn, S.D., Shilton, B.H. (2001)
The 68 kDa ATPase Domain of SecA Forms a Tetramer in Solution.
Journal of Molecular Biology 315, 831-843.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Sianidis, G., Karamanou, S., Vrontou, E., Boulias, K., Repanas, K., Kyrpides, N., Politou, A.S. and
Economou, A. (2001)
Cross-talk between catalytic and regulatory elements in a DEAD motor domain is essential for SecA
EMBO Journal 20, 961-970.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Roos, T., Kiefer, D., Hugenschmidt, S., Economou, A. and Kuhn, A. (2001)
Undecisive M13 procoat protein mutants bind to SecA but do not activate the translocation ATPase.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276, 37909-37915.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Pozidis, C., Lammertyn, E., Politou, A., Anne, J., Tsiftsoglou, A., Sianidis, G. and Economou, A.
Protein secretion biotechnology in Streptomyces lividans: large-scale production of tumor necrosis
factor alpha.
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 72, 611-619.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. (2001)
Sec, drugs and rock'n'roll: antibiotic targetting of bacterial protein translocation.
Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Targets 5, 141-153.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. (2000)
Bacterial protein translocase: a unique molecular machine with an army of substrates.
FEBS Letters 476, 18-21.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Karamanou, S., Vrontou, E., Sianidis, G., Baud, C, T. Roos, Kuhn, A., Politou, A. and Economou, A.
A molecular switch in SecA protein couples ATP hydrolysis to protein translocation.
Molecular Microbiology 34, 1133-1145
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. (1999)
Follow the leader: bacterial protein export through the Sec translocase
Trends in Microbiology 7, 315-319.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Rodelas, B., Lithgow, J.L., Wisniewski-Dye, F., Hardman, A., Wilkinson, A., Economou, A., Williams, P.
and Downie, J.A. (1999)
Analysis of quorum-sensing-control of rhizosphere-expressed (rhi) genes in Rhizobium leguminosarum
biovar viciae
Journal of Bacteriology 181, 3816-3823.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Shilton, B., Svergun, D.I., Volkov, V.V., Koch, M.H.J, Cusack, S. and Economou, A. (1998)
Escherichia coli SecA shape and dimensions
FEBS Letters 436, 277-282.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. (1998)
Bacterial preprotein translocase: mechanism and conformational dynamics of a processive enzyme
Molecular Microbiology 27, 511-518.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Price, A., Economou, A., Duong, F. and Wickner, W. (1996)
Separable ATPase and membrane insertion domains of the SecA subunit of preprotein translocase.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271, 31580-31584.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Barny, M.-A., Schoonejans, E., Economou, A., Johnston A.W.B. and Downie, J.A. (1996)
The C-terminal domain of the Rhizobium leguminosarum chitin synthase NodC is important for
function and determines the orientation of the N-terminal region in the inner membrane.
Molecular Microbiology 19, 443-453.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. , Pogliano,J.P., Beckwith, J., Oliver, D.B. and Wickner, W. (1995)
SecA membrane cycling at SecYEG is driven by distinct ATP binding and hydrolysis events and is
regulated by SecD and SecF.
Cell 83, 1171-1181.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Wickner, W, Leonard, M.R. and Economou, A. (1995) On the road to translocase, in:
Protein Kinesis: the dynamics of Protein Traficking and Stability. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on
Quantitative Biology,
Vol. LX, Cold Spring Harbor Press. pp. 285-290.

Douville, K.D., Price, A., Eichler, J., Economou, A. and Wickner. W. (1995)
SecYEG and SecA are the minimal stoichiometric subunits of preprotein translocase.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270, 20106-20111.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. and Wickner, W. (1994)
SecA promotes preprotein translocation by undergoing ATP-driven cycles of membrane insertion
and deinsertion.
Cell 78, 835-843.
[Abstract] [PDF]
See also related News &Views Minreview by: Schekman R. Translocation gets a push. Cell.
1994 78(6):911-913

Economou, A., Davies, A.E., Johnston, A.W.B. and Downie, J.A. (1994)
The Rhizobium leguminosarum bv.viciae nodO gene can enable a nodE mutant of R.l. trifolii to
nodulate vetch.
Microbiology 140, 2341-2347.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Scheu, A.K., Economou, A., Hong, G.F., Ghelani, S., Johnston, A.W.B., and Downie, J.A. (1992)
Secretion of Rhizobium leguminosarum nodulation protein NodO by haemolysin-type systems.
Molecular Microbiology 6, 231-238.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Cubo, T., Economou, A., Murphy, G., Johnston, A.W.B., And Downie, A.J. (1992)
Molecular characterization and regulation of the rhizosphere-expressed genes rhiABCR that can influence
nodulation by Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae.
Journal of Bacteriology 174, 4026-4035.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A. and Downie, J.A. (1992)
The nodulation of legumes by rhizobia,
in: "The Nitrogen Fixation and its Research in China" Hong. G.F. (ed.) Berlin, Springer-Verlag,
pp. 315-341.

Economou, A., Hamilton, W.D.O., Johnston, A.W.B. and Downie, J.A. (1990)
The Rhizobium nodulation gene nodO encodes a Ca2+-binding protein that is exported without
N-terminal cleavage and is homologous to haemolysin and related proteins.
EMBO Journal 9, 349-354.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Surin, B.P., Watson, J.M., Hamilton, W.D.O., Economou, A., and Downie, J.A. (1990)
Molecular characterization of the nodulation gene nodT from two biovars of Rhizobium leguminosarum.
Molecular Microbiology 4, 245-252.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A., Hawkins, F.K.L., Downie, J.A. and Johnston, A.W.B. (1989)
Transcription of rhiA a gene on a Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae Sym plasmid requires rhiR and
is repressed by flavonoids that induce nod genes.
Molecular Microbiology 3, 87-91.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Economou, A., Roussis, A., Millioni, D. and Katinakis, P. (1989)
Patterns of protein synthesis in the moderately halophilic bacterium Deleya halophilia in response to
sudden changes in external salinity.
FEMS Microbiology-Ecology 62, 103-110.
[Abstract] [PDF]