Economou Lab-Teaching Microbial Protein Secretion and Biotechnology


Microorganisms as macromolecule factories


Graduate program  on Microbial Biotechnology, Dpt Biology, University of Athens

Model microbial systems for the study of genes of medical, agricultural and biotechnological importance
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Proteins and protein machines

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Protein folding in the cell: chaperones Economou 1h PDF QT
Protein export: Sec and bacterial pathogens Economou 3h PDF QT

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Recommended Textbooks:

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2. Petsko and Ringe, 2004 Protein structure and function (home)

3. Alberts et al, 2002 Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th edition (home)

4. Stryer, 2003 Biochemistry 5th edition (home); Greek translation 2004; Crete University Press (home)

5. Pollack, 2001 Cells and gels and the engines of life (home)

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Protein export: Sec and bacterial pathogens

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